Clinic Setting

Outdoor and Indoor therapeutic spaces 

OUTSIDE – Majority of OT sessions are conducted outside in a peaceful, wooded landscape with BOULDERS, a CREEK, and a POND.  Working outdoors offers a break from the “inside world” that children often find themselves restricted to during the day.  It also offers natural therapeutic challenges, especially for our visual, auditory, vestibular, proprioception, and tactile processing.  In addition to the natural elements of our outdoor therapy space, we have a custom-built TREE HOUSE, 15 foot ROCK WALL, the “FUNKY LADDER,” two 100 foot ZIP LINES, a TRAMPOLINE, SWINGS, “NINJA COURSE” and a SAND BOX. 

INSIDE- We have a SENSORY GYM with versatile climbing and swinging elements, and a traversing ROCK WALL with white board backing for handwriting challenges.  We also have a WORKSHOP for working on projects like building a skateboard and other ideas which work on developing gross and fine motor skills in a functional way!  In addition to these fun areas, we also have a “GAME ROOM” that is used for bilateral coordination, visual motor integration,  manual dexterity, social skill development, and more…