“Charlie has been my son’s OT for about 3 years now and all I can say is I wish we found him earlier.  He is truly a natural with kids and knows how to make therapy fun! Charlie is extremely creative, patient, fun, and best of all loves to play outdoors with our kids.    Before coming to Confident Kids I really didn’t understand what sensory integration was.  Charlie is extremely knowledgeable about movement, body regulation, and the brain.  If there is anything you would like your son or daughter to ‘work on’, Charlie knows how to do it.  From handwriting, shoe tying, to heights with zip lining, to teaching patience while waiting to catch a fish, to being scared of the dark, to balance, to core strengthening exercise, to overcoming challenges with rock climbing etc, Charlie will work on everything. I highly recommend him to anyone looking for help with their kids.”

-Mere G.

“Both of my sons had been in OT for years in a traditional clinic setting before we found Charlie. I noticed a significant shift in their progress once they started working with Charlie. They connected with him and trusted him as he pushed them to step outside their comfort zones. They thrived in his outdoor learning environment, where they could be in nature and explore. The relaxed setting allowed my boys to release some of their inhibitions and embrace more challenges. Charlie took the time to fully understand their different personalities and struggles. He tailored each session to meet their individual needs and never hesitated to make adjustments as needed. He stood beside them every step of the way as they conquered challenges and gave them the confidence to believe in themselves. My boys left each session with their heads held higher, knowing they were capable of doing hard things. As a mother, I couldn’t ask for more.”

 –Anne F.

“My son, Henry, worked with Charlie on his coordination, fine and gross motor skills for nearly two years. Henry always enjoyed his time with Charlie because he saw it as play time. Charlie “got” Henry early on and realized that he loved to build things. Charlie incorporated that into the therapy by doing things like taking two non-working wheel barrows to create one working one. Even after “graduating,” Charlie called us to see if Henry could come help him work on a lawn mower… Now, years later, we still keep in touch with Charlie to keep him updated on Henry.”

-Leslie W.

“My son grabbed hold of the ‘engine speed’ concept right away. We were grateful for Charlie’s guidance, helping him apply these concepts to everyday ‘high engine challenges.’  We are so grateful for his work with my son (and by default his brothers) and for propelling us on this journey.  It was a very positive experience. What we learned from him will be with us all forever.”  

-Sasha C.

“Charlie Johnson has the most innovative approach to occupational therapy I’ve ever seen. During therapy sessions, he creates exciting and challenging situations for his clients. In his backyard clinic, clients swing from giant zip lines and stomp through the creek. In his indoor clinic, kids learn to repair their own bikes or navigate a tough obstacle course. On that level, Charlie is a lot of fun; kids and parents love him. But beneath the all the fun and excitement lies an in-depth understanding of the neurological underpinnings of behavior, motor function, and sensory processing.” 

-Clay White, M. Ed., Clay White LLC therapeutic programs